Future For Nature Academy

Join me and become a part of the Future For Nature Academy (FFNA)! FFNA is an initiative started for and by young motivated nature conservationists in the Netherlands to create a platform where they can find each other and build a network. In the theme ‘Future For Nature’ (FFN) several national activities will be organized. These activities will be announced on the facebook page. This page will also keep you up to date about the most recent developments in nature conservation.

Past FFNA events included a lecture about wildlife trafficking with Ofir Drori and a live-stream with Jane Goodall.

Many inspiring activities are coming up this winter/spring of 2017:

Lecture by Wietse van der Werf – Utrecht – 21st of February
Movie Night + Expert Introduction – Utrecht – 1st of March
Political Debate on Sustainability – Wageningen – 8th of March
Seminar and masterclass with WEESThe impact of human activity on wild great apes in non-protected forests – Wageningen – 16th of March
Future For Nature Day – Wageningen – 30th of March
Levende Natuur Documentary with Q&A Ruben Smit – Velp – 3rd of April

During the Future For Nature Day, you can meet the true heroes of conservation, there is even the possibility to become their “Buddy”. Also the three national winners of the FFNA photo contest will be announced.

Become a Buddy for Nature

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